Moukey MWm-1 Dynamic Karaoke Microphone for Karaoke, Speech, Wedding, Stage and Outdoor Activity

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MouKey MWm-1 Dynamic Microphone
The MouKey MWm-1 Dynamic Microphone is a great choice for virtually any sound application. With its tough construction, clear sound and ease of use. It performs best with vocals, but can also be used with instruments such as guitar, percussions, horns, and guitar amplifiers.

The non-slip mesh head design will not slip when placed on an uneven surface, which better protects the microphone.

Magnetic switch-a switch controlled by magnetic force, so that when the microphone is turned on and off, it will not make an impact sound, effectively protect the speaker unit, and feel first-class.

High-grade microphone cables-reduce distortion during audio transmission. 16.40 ft / 5 M high-end microphone cable, so you can have a wider and more reliable range when performing.

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