Moukey Microphone Isolation Shield, Professional Isolation Foldable 3/5 Pages High Density Absorbing Sound Proofing Foam for Blue Yeti Condenser Mic Recording Equipment, MPFUBK5

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Size: M-3 Pages
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3-Page Microphone Isolation Shield
Feature an acoustic foam front and a vented metal back plate, which allows the microphone to "breathe" and prevents reflections within the arc of the shield.
Use a dual clamp mounting bracket, which attaches to booms or stands up to 1 1/4" in diameter.
5-Page Microphone Isolation Shield
Two outer panels can be folded inward for storage or for creating a tighter acoustic isolation chamber.
Can be used in a normal upright orientation or can be inverted, so that the microphone hangs down inside the chamber.
Upright Support
The isolation net comes with three fulcrums, which can be placed directly on the desktop, so that you cannot easily fall down after installing the microphone.
Apply Most of Mic
Comes with metal 3/8 conversion 5/8 nuts, most of the professional recording microphones on the market.
Can be installed on a microphone stand and used in recording studios, concerts, churches and other occasions.
Note: Does not include a stand.
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