Eastar Wooden Cabasa Hand Shaker Percussion Instrument Toy for Children Compact Size,4.25"x7"

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Product description

Eastar Would Never Disappoint You.
Eastar Cabasa provides a similar to the sound of a rattlesnake metallic, rattling sound when shaken or twisted. It is often used in Latin jazz, especially in bossa nova pieces. Advanced player can gain Precise rhythmic .The instrument is also commonly used in music therapy, especially for those with limb / neuropathy, as it requires very little hand movement to produce sound. This instrument can help these people with mental illness to recover better. 


  • Beads And Stainless Steel Cylinder : Classic cabasa sounds come effortlessly from the 1.5mm ribbed stainless steel cylinder and 10 articles stainless steel beads(340 pieces steel beads). . Loud and clean sound without overtones
  • Beech Material: The main structure of Eastar Cabasa is beech. Beech is a wood suitable for percussion instruments. This makes this Cabasa to be more durable than similar products and has a better grip.
  • Extra Playing Skills: Eastar's medium Cabasa has a 2.3inch (5.8cm) stainless steel cylinder and a 1.8inch (4.6cm) wide steel ball chain, which allows the player to have different effects by shaking the steel ball. The detachable body can increase or decrease the chain.
  • Compact Size With Padded Wooden Handle: Eastar Cabasas are equipped with ergonomically shaped wooden handles. This model measures 4.25” wide by 7” long.
  • Included Content: Eastar Middle Size Cabasa x 1,12-Month Product Service

  • Specifications

    Size:Middle Size
    Suit:Beginner And Lover
    Material:Stainless Steel & Beech
    Chain:10 Pieces
    Package Weight: 0.45kg
    Package Size:19.05(L) x11(W)x 11(H)CM

    Package included:
    Eastar Middle Size Cabasa x 1


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