Eastar Bb Trumpet Standard Student Trumpet Set with 7 C Mouthpiece,White Gloves, Cloth,Cleaning Suit, and Hard Case-ETR-380B

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Jun 17th-Jun 27th(UTC)

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Eastar ETR-380 Standard Student Trumpet
B Flat/Gold/Beginner
1: The valve is durable, Spring rebounds quickly 2: The welding joint is stable and does not come off welding 3: The sound is clean and bright. Easy to play 4: Good air tightness,There is resistance when pulling out the adjusting tubes, and the water key has good air tightness.

The above requirements can be met by Eastar ETR - 380.The necessary cleaning suit to help users carry out daily maintenance.
  • Choice: Perfect for beginners or progressives
  • Voice: Excellent and bright, penetrating, abundant and powerful, excellent vibration
  • Quality: More than basic qualities that a good student trumpet should require
Eastar Would Never Disappoint You
Eastar is an excellent musical instrument design and manufacturing brand dedicated to primary and intermediate musicians.

Providing customers with high-quality products and services is our mission and goal.
Why Choose Eastar
Hight Quality Value
As an important part of trumpets , valves keys are easy to jam and rebound slowly in use. Many of the reasons for this are because the new trumpet is not in place or the valves manufacturing machine precision is not enough. We use 1/100 mm mechanical accuracy to ensure that each piston can be used normally under the action of lubricating oil. All internal pipes are cleaned by ultrasonic waves for 3 times and are oiled for maintenance.
Eastar’s Control System
Eastar trumpet has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. We have a very complete quality control system. Not only the independent products can check the batches, each part can be accountable to the corresponding production line.
Try Our Best
ETR-380 is a very outstanding Bb trumpet,its sound is excellent and bright, penetrating, abundant and powerful, excellent vibration. It’s Appearance is Beautiful and uniform golden lacquer, dazzling and shiny, clean and transparent color with superb reflection.
How to Maintain Your Trumpet

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