Eastar Tambourine Row Hand Held Drum Bell,10 Inch

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Product description

  • High-quality Bells: Eastar Tambourine's bells are made of high-quality stainless iron. Unlike ordinary aluminum sheets, this material sounds clean and looks good in electroplating. Each pair of bell pieces has three recessed contact points, reducing friction, increasing the number of impacts of the bell pieces, and making the sound more continuous.
  • Poplar Drum Cavity: 0.335inch (8.5mm) thick poplar drum body provides the best vibration for this tambourine. (Do not drop the tambourine to the ground, otherwise the bell piece and drum body will be damaged.)
  • Flash Drum Head: Eastar's drum skin is artificial, with a delicate feel, waterproof and wear-resistant, and light weight, which is especially suitable for entry-level tambourines.
  • Rhythm Instrument: The user can hold the tambourine with one hand and tap the drum head with the other hand to follow the rhythm of the music. It can make a very, very pleasant sound

Eastar Would Never Disappoint You.

The characteristics of Eastar's 10inch Eastar Single Row tambourine are as follows: 1: Our drum skin is made of artificial, which is delicate and suitable for children. The sound is clear, bright, waterproof and wear-resistant. 2: The drum skin and the drum cavity are fixed with cloth strips and glue, there will be no protrusions and spikes, and it will not scratch your hands. 3: Stainless iron bell pieces, clean appearance, good vibration, special manufacturing process makes this product have good music.
Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Product Service Support,Please contact us if you have any problem ,we will rely to you as soon as possible.


Drum Skin:Artificial sheepskin
Drum Frame Material:Poplar
Package Weight: 0.5kg/1.11lb
Package Size:10(L) x 10(W)x 1.97(H)Inches /25.4(L) x25.4(W)x 5(H)CM

Package included:

Eastar 10" Single Row Hand Held Drum Bell x 1

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