Drum Set Eastar 14-Inch 3-Piece Kids’ Drum Set

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Color: Mirror blue
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The Children's round drum stool has a maximum height of 17in (42cm), and a maximum weight of 220lb (100kg). It can even support even the weight of most adults.
The kick drum pedal’s simple design makes it easy to install and simple to use.
The kit includes two pairs of maple drumsticks: a pair of 5A adult drumsticks and a pair of children's drumsticks, so parents and children can play together.
Six Tension Rod Design
The six tension rod design gives you more control of the tension on the drum heads, and much better sounds than are normally found with a drum set for children. The drum is also larger than many on the market for children, giving your child a better drumming experience.
Rod Suspension
This kit uses a simple wire rod suspension for the toms. The tom-toms are held in place by threads on both ends of the rods, allowing your little drummer to easily change the tilt and height of the tom-toms.
Bass Drum Legs
The bass drum legs allow you to set the angle the bass drum sits at above the ground, giving you different possible resonances, and the legs also help to keep the kick drum in place.

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