Eastar Bongo Drums 7'' and 8'' for Professional Special Antique Finish, EBO-21

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Internal structure
This bongo drum set has no sharp edges, and the inside of the drum is polished into a smooth arc shape, which is safe for children and will not scratch hands. it is suitable for beginners and primary bongo drum lovers.
Tight wood splicing, bright sound, stable vibration, suitable for novice and bongo drum enthusiasts
Appropriate size
You can play anytime, anywhere. Everyone's playing habits are different. Left-handers like to put the tweeter on the left. On the contrary, right-handers are used to putting the tweeter on the right. Our drum head is printed in the opposite direction, so whether you are Left-handed and right-handed can be well controlled.
Bongo drum tuning, we have included a Bongo drum tuning wrench, just unscrew the bottom rubber drum leg and adjust the screw with the tuning wrench to adjust the Bongo drum tone.
Note: Do not discard the rubber legs after removing them to prevent children from swallowing them
Siamese structure
There is a wooden link in the middle of the bongo drum. This link uses rivets and glue to link the treble and bass drums together. This structure is very strong and has small openings, which has the least impact on the bongo drum sound. The player can use this link to fix the Bongo drum to the stand.
Tuning teaching
Adopt the cross-tuning method, which can make the drum head evenly stressed and extend the service life of the drum head. Adjusting the bass drum and tweeter to C-G major respectively is a relatively common tuning method.
Carrying case
The 5mm thick carrying case is not only convenient for transporting your instrument, but also convenient for its storage. The bag has a shoulder strap that can be used as a shoulder bag or with a hand. The bag also has space for your music book.
Eastar EBO-21 7”+8’’ Bongo Drums
Buffalo leather drum skin, crisp sound, good elasticity, especially suitable for professional performances.
Solid wood brown, strong and durable, varnished surface, very beautiful. The electroplated frame has high hardness and will not scratch your hands.

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