Eastar Bongo Drums 7'' and 8'' for Professional Special Antique Finish, EBO-21

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Eastar EBO -21 wood 7+8 bongo drum, Tawny, It has a hand - selected buffalo skin head: the natural drum head has beautiful tone color, warm tone and good melody, and the drum head is 6 3/4 "and 8" inch.

High-quality solid wood: Eastar wooden tambourine is made of high-quality hardwood, which sing while also providing remarkable durability, tawny spraying with highpoint and individuality, thus playing a good role in protecting the drum body.

Round Rim: Eastar EBO-21 Advanced Bongo Drum, equipped with this innovative stainless steel rim, provides the best comfort even for the heaviest hitter.

Suitable For Any Environment: EBO-21 is definitely the first choice for beginners and advanced players. It not only has excellent timbre, but? is also a product with high
cost-performance ratio.

The Package Includes: Eastar EBO-21 wood 7+8 bongodrum, Tawny x1, Adjusting Wrench x1, Light Weight Hard Case x 1.

Product Description

Eastar Would Never Disappoint You.

Eastar EBO-21 Wood 7+8 Bongo Drum, Tawny is a bongo drum which is very, very worth looking forward to. We use the best part of a wood to build this bongo drum. It has several very good advantages:

1: Its inner wall craft is very smooth.We have carefully polished each EBO-21 to ensure that the vibration of the drum is more uniform. At the same time, children will not scratch their hands when playing.

2: Its drum skin is the first layer of buffalo hide, which has excellent elasticity and wear resistance and bright and crisp tone color.

3: A carrying bag to help outstanding drummers take EBO-21 out to play with friends.

Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.

1.Color: Tawny

2.Size£º6 3/4 "+8"
3.Legs:4 of each
4.Drum Head£ºBuffalo skin
5.Item Weight: 7.71lb/3.5kg
6.Package Size£º18.5(L) x 9.25(W)x 8.6(H)Inches/ 47£¨L) x 23.5(W)x 22(H)CM

Package included
1 x Eastar EBO-1 6 3/4¡±+8¡± bongo drum

1 x Adjusting Wrench
1 x Light Weight Hard Bag.

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