Donner Self Adhesive Guitar Pedal Board Tape, Length 2M Width 5CM Hook + Loop

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The Donner pedal board Tap include loop and hook . The tape is 2m(78") length and 50mm(2") wide. The back glue is made of strong adhesive ability glue. If you have a pedal board or pedal, this is the right product for you. Manufactures high quality tap-like hook and loop adhesive tape, designed to keep your pedals securely attached to your pedal board in transit and at gigs. You never have to worry about your pedals falling off or the tap adhesive melting off. Simply cut to the length of your pedals, adhere to the back, and mount to your pedal board. We supply a 2m (78") of tape, enough for around 15 average sized pedals. The tape is 50mm(2") wide, giving you optimal surface area to adhere to pedals.

Length: Hook 2m + Loop 2m
Color: Black
Weight: 125g

Using The Environment:
1. Mounting surfaces must be free of grease, dirt, loose particles, and moisture.
2. Mounting surfaces must be smooth, even and stable.
3. Metal surfaces should be cleaned with Acetone prior to mounting.
4. Plastic & lacquered surfaces should be cleaned with Lighter Fluid prior to mounting.
5. For maximum adhesion, expose the adhesive to hot air (140°-180° F) for at least 2 minutes after mounting.

Package included:
1 x Donner Pedalboard Mounting Tap

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