Donner Power Supply Adapter Power Supply Adapter for guitar effect pedal 9V DC 1A with 5 Daisy Chain free cable (DPA-1)

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5-way pedals for electric guitars. High-quality Daisy Chain with special anti-Brummen DC cable are especially suitable for guitarists who want to operate some pedals at the same time with only one adapter or a socket.

Thunder 9-Volt Adapter: Thunder's 9-V Adapter works with any device that needs 9-V-peak negatives to minimize or eliminate batteries. Can also be used to supply other 9-V pedal peak negative effects. No batteries are required. With empty battery in the pedal, the power may be impaired. With the 9V adapter you can avoid headaches of a unloaded pedal by direct power supply. Not only for pedals The 9V adapter is not only for power supply of pedals, but can also be used for electronic products from other manufacturers. The Thunder Adapter can also be used to operate negative keyboard tips.

Magnetration can reduce noise. The professional sound insulation ensures a quiet condition of the pedal chain while you play.
5-fold chain
You can use five pedals at the same time. You won't have a problem with the sound. It is convenient to use different effects.
1 x Adapter 9 V Donner 1 x 5-way Daisy Chain

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