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Donner DDP-100 Digital Piano for Beginners 88-Key Weighted Black

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Just make your own music with Donner digital piano! Donner DDP-100 with 88 full-size heavy hammer weighted keys, which truly restores the real feel of the original piano, cultivates your interest in the piano, helps you train a good performance posture, and makes progress in the fastest time.
Donner DDP-100 pure tone piano, using AWM sampling, more realistically restored the sound of the original grand piano, can effectively train the ability to distinguish sound. Whether you are on stage or home , you can play your favorite music through headphones and amplifier, immersed in the world of music.
Three Pedals Three Function
  • Soft-make the tone soft.
  • Sostenuto-decrease the damper effect by pressing pedal halfway.
  • Sustain-continue the previous tone.
  • Impressive Sound Quality
    AWM dynamic samples produce deeper, richer and broader sounds.
    Adopted DREAM sound source analyzes realistic sound quality, fully presenting tone level- smooth & fine high note, vigorous & rich low note.
    88 Key Weighted Digital Piano
    More realistically restored the sound of the original grand piano, can effectively train the ability to distinguish sound.
    It can effectively train your ability to distinguish sound and develop musical sense and intonation.

  • Power Adapter: 12V/DC, 3A
  • Size : 53.89 x 15.66 x 32.99 inch
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Key Material: plastic & ABS
  • Body Material: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • Pedal Material: metal
  • Other Material: wire, wood, plastic

  • Please follow the instructions and you'll soon be ready to play.
    Easy To Install
  • Digital piano X 1
  • Power Adapter X 1
  • Pedal Plate Bridge X 1
  • Left and Right Supporting Plate X 1
  • Left and Right Supporting Column X 2
  • Black Fixed Plate X 1
  • Spile X 8
  • Screw X 16
  • Donner DDP-100 88-key full weight digital piano
    Digital piano may offer you unlimited tones and sounds to play and experiment with, while it is a good idea to sit back and think about how many you will actually use. Listen for the tone and quality of the sounds that you will use. All of the notes should sound full and rich, without any of the tinny noise that often accompanies inferior pianos.


    Ask a Question
    • I cannot decide between the ddp90, 100, & 300. what are the main differences? is key action, piano sound sample, & 128 polyphony the same in all 3?

      DDP100 and 300 are Slide covers, DDP90 is Flip cover;
      The DDP-100 cabinet is larger and the sound effect will be relatively better;
      DDP-90 is exquisite and compact, and takes up less space than the other two models;
      DDP-300 has richer sounds and functions ,it also has Bluetooth connectivity.
      And this is also a GHS keyboard which will be very close to the feel of a real piano.

    • Are there any other voices, organ for example?

      No extra noises. Just a button to turn it on and volume control. It is a piano sound only.

    • When the head phones are plugged in does it mute the piano so the only sound is through the head phones ?

      Yes, the sound will come from the headset after plugging in the headset.

    • Why buy this one vs the 90 or 20?

      Dear customer, DDP-100 is with sliding cover. And it is a single tone electric piano, which is suitable for piano learners. Thanks.

    • Does this have usb, or bluetooth practice mode connection for practice learning apps?

      This piano has a USB-MID interface to connect to a computer and can be used with computer software, but it does not have a Bluetooth function.

    • Are the 3 pedals included?

      Yes, it includes the 3 pedals.

    • Can this piano do mix?

      No, it can't. But you can export the audio and do mix yourself.

    • When I want to connect the piano to my headphone, I found that the socket is too big for my headphone wire, do I have to buy a adapter for it?

      Yes. A universal adapter for your headphones will work.

    • Hi, why is there a warning not to use near a tv (no use near tv)

      This warning is merely to prevent certain signals or magnetic fields in the electric steel from affecting the reception of TV signals or radio signals.
      Generally speaking, you can still play the piano near the TV as the warning does not interefere with your playing.

    • I cannot decide between the ddp90&100. what are the main differences? is key action, piano sound sample, & 128 polyphony the same in all 2?

      Yes, the key action, piano sound sample, & 128 polyphony are the same in all 2. However, there is a difference in the piano cover and MIDI function. DDP-90 comes with Flip Piano Cover while DDP-100 has Push-pull Piano Cover and wooden cabinet with sliding key cover to protect the piano key. What's more, DDP-100 supports MIDI function: after connecting the computer through USB, you need to turn on the audio production software to pair for usage. Adobe Audition or GarageBand of Apple system are recommended. 

    • Can i use headphones with this piano?

      Dear Customer, yes, you can use headphones with this piano, and the headphone jack is 6.35mm.

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