Donner Heavy Duty Z Style Keyboard Stand

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1. Stable and reliable keyboard rack.

Donner's heavy Z piano stand is made of 1.5mm thick metal material, making its overall structure and texture more solid and stable. It can bear up to 220 pounds. At the same time, the product contains a safe locking device to make the piano stand more safe and reliable.

2. Large adjustment range, suitable for keyboard products of various sizes

The width of the piano stand can be adjusted by 7 gears, which can be adjusted by 55cm-89cm (21.6 '' - 36 ''). It is suitable for keyboard products with 54-88 keys, including your electric piano, electronic piano, MIDI keyboard, etc. The height adjustment range is 56.5cm-85cm (22.2 '' - 33.4 ''), which can be adjusted according to your height whether standing or sitting.

3. With lockable universal wheel.

This product contains a lockable universal wheel, so that you can move the piano stand smoothly to any place. When you don't need a suitable wheel, you can switch the equipped foot pad for fixing. (Note: when using the universal wheel, remember to lock the wheel and put the piano on the stand.)

4. Multifunctional design

It also includes headset hangers, keyboard fixing belts, anti skid foam accessories and so on to provide extra protection for keyboard. Make sure your keyboard product can be safely and firmly placed on the piano stand.

5. It is easy to install and adjust. It is suitable for home or outdoor performance.

The installation steps of Z-shaped piano stand are simple, and the installation can be completed in only three steps. The pull-out adjusting knob is adopted for more convenient adjustment* Note: please loosen the knob before adjustment, otherwise the piano stand will be damaged.

Product parameters:

Adjustable size: width: 55cm-89cm 21.6 '' - 36 ''

Height: 56.5cm-85cm 22.2 '' - 33.4 ''

Horizontal bar: 45.5cm 17.9 '

Suitable for keyboard products with 54 Key - 88 key length.

Net weight: 7kg

Inner package weight: 7.3kg

Maximum bearing weight: 220 pounds (100kg)

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