Donner Dumbal Drive Analog Overdrive Guitar Pedal

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Product description
Donner Dumbal Drive is a true analog circuit overdrive pedal based on the legendary D-style amplifier, provides a clean boost to mild crunchy overdrive tone, enhances the natural sound of your guitar and amplifier. A real tube like sound, smooth compression and huge dynamic offer you glossy and transparent guitar tone. Two ways of EQ and three clipping circuit mode provide you a lot of options to adjust your rigs while preserving its fundamental character. Once you try it, you will never forget the sound of Dumbal Drive.
Three clipping circuit mode: Mode I controls the distortion of the upper half of the waveform, and the sense of hearing is that the high frequency becomes more, the sound head becomes larger, and a small amount of compression. Mode II controls the distortion of the upper and lower half waves, and the sound is balanced overload, and basically feels little compression. Mode III controls the distortion of the lower half wave, and the sense of hearing is that the low frequency becomes more and the sense of compression is strongest.
Gain means input signal and Vol means output signal. Vol and Gain controls the input volume together. The size of the input signal is also related to the size of the guitar input signal. The setting of the Donner Dumbal Drive is that when the gain and volume are at 12 o'clock, the overall output volume is balanced. As the gain decreases, the output signal needs to be increased to maintain balance, and the volume must be increased accordingly. The opposite is the same.
Donner Soph Gate Pedal Donner Dumbal Drive Pedal Donner Vintaverb Pedal Donner Island Pedal
Effect Noise Gate Overdrive Reverb Delay&Looper
Power Supply 9V DC 9V DC 9V DC 9V DC


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