Donner DP-500 Belt-Drive Turntable for Vinyl Records, Wireless Vinyl Record Player with Bluetooth & USB Output, Built-in Phono Preamp, Aux-in Functionality, 2 Speed, Hi-Fi, Auto Off, Black

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Donner DP-500 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player
Let's forget the coldness of CD digital audio and rediscover the warmth and richness of vinyl.
Donner's DP-500 Hi-Fi Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable can play traditional LP or EP vinyl records in stunning quality for pure and vivid sound reproduction. Premium materials and workmanship allow this belt-driven turntable to produce a pure, uncompressed listening experience.
When you want to enjoy an exceptionally gripping musical performance, pull out your favorite 33 1/3 or 45 RPM record in your collection, connect your sound system, lower the tonearm and immerse yourself in your own musical world as the needle rubs against the vinyl. Your soul will be captivated by the crisp, distinctive character of your favorite music.
What's Included:
  • DP-500 Turntable *1
  • Dust Cover*1 / Dust Cover Hinges *2
  • 45 RPM Adapter *1 / Counterweight *1
  • Slip Mat *1 / Belt *1 / Die-cast Aluminum Turntable Platter *1
  • RCA Audio Cable *1 / USB Cable *1
  • Power Adapter *1
  • User Manual *1
  • Headshell with Audio Technica Cartridge (AT-3600L) *1
Audio-Technica Moving-Maganetic Cartridge
Experience outstanding clarity and accurate track grooves for true HiFi audio. Your music will sound richer, warmer and more outstanding when the Audio Technica AT-3600L stylus rests in the grooves of your favorite vinyl record at a suitable tracking force.
Adjustable Counterweight & Adjustable Dynamic Anti-Skate Control
The cartridge tracking force range of 0~5g is matched with 5 levels of optional counter-weights. Through a simple knob adjustment method, the best tracking force and angle can be selected according to the condition of each record. Tonearm counterweight coupled with the advanced anti-skate system not only reduces the wear and tear on the record but can also increase the stylus' tracking ability by 25%, maximize sound fidelity, emphasize the stereo effect, and reveal the emotional dynamics of the music. So sit back on your sofa and enjoy an immersive listening experience!
Authentic Belt-Driven System for Stability in Motion
Donner DP-500 turntable features a belt drive mechanism with an aluminum die-cast platter. It can trap and dissipate vibrating energy that would otherwise creep into playback, protecting both your stylus and records and allowing the cartridge to track smoothly even at shockingly low frequencies.
Automatic & Manual Return Function
After playing a complete side of a record, most products on the market will continue to track in the blank area of the inner circle, causing the needle to wear out over time. The Auto Return function of the DP-500 can intelligently monitor the playback position, and the tonearm will automatically return and stop the turntable after the record is finished.
You can also manually use the Eject knob anytime during playback to safely trigger the tonearm to return to its position and avoid scratches due to handshaking. With the DP-500 can relax knowing it'll protect your precious records.
Multi Connectivity Features
The RCA output of the DP-500 turntable supports optional PHONO and LINE modes that allow playing with or without a Phono equalizer to meet the needs of gear geeks.
Wireless enthusiasts will also love the Bluetooth connectivity function with a matching button and intuitive prompt indicator to prevent incorrect matching of Bluetooth devices(Such as wireless headphones, wireless speakers, etc.).
You can easily digitize your vinyl through USB or RCA. Use the USB port to record directly to a computer, or, for lossless files, connect the RCA outs to a sound card and record through any DAW software.
Thick Dust Cover for Perfect Playback
The Donner DP-500 turntable is equipped with a thick dust cover that eliminates the effects of speaker sound pressure, allowing for more stability and less distortion in vinyl playback.
What's more, it prevents dust from entering your records and takes care of your records, taking the worry out of cleaning and maintenance. It can also be removed, so you can choose to listen to your music your way.

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