Donner Electronic Drum Set, Upgraded Mesh Pad Electronic Drums with 329 Sounds, DED-300 8 Piece Electric Drum Kit for Adults with High-Density Bass Drum, Easy Installationļ¼†More Stable Steel Support Set

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Donner DED-300 Electric Drum Set

Relying on its strong and efficient research & development team,

Donner is resolved to continue to create innovative and excellent instruments

which maintain the high quality that inspires professional artists and creators.

šŸ¤©[Authentic Playing Feel&Skill-Building Tools] Donner upgraded DED-300 electric drum set for beginnerļ¼†experienced players, with DSP technology to recordļ¼†storage the classic acoustic drum sound, which is closer to the dynamics of the acoustic drum performance. Electronic drums for adults built-in 25 classic preset (used) kitsļ¼†329 sounds, covers all music styles, allowing you to enjoy every note!

šŸ¤©[Upgraded All-Mesh Drum Pad] Donner DED-300 electronic drums with the upgraded 8-inch double-layer full mesh drum pad. The latest Superlink drum pad's spiral adjustment design ensures consistent drum pad tension adjustment, making it easier to install and remove the drum pad, bringing the best experience for drummers.

šŸ¤©[Rich Details] The electric drum set with the newly designed Superforce high-density bass drum restores the feel of a real bass drum and eliminates the physical percussive sound to the maximum.

šŸ¤©[Save Space with No Compromise] Donner electric drum set has developed a more stable steel drum stand to improve the support stability and safety. It is portableļ¼†foldable, is suitable for live performances, home practice, or small recording studios.

šŸ¤©[Become a Better Drummer, Faster] Donner drum sets support connecting an MP3 player or phone, also can be linked to DAW software through the USB MIDI or audio output interface. Package includes: 8ā€™ā€™ tom-tom x3, 10ā€™ā€™ snare x1, 10ā€™ā€™ hi-hat x1, 12ā€™ā€™Ride x1, 12ā€™ā€™ Crash x1, 7" Kick drum x1, kick pedal x1, hi-hat pedal x 1, audio cable x1


Size: 32.67in * 22.83in * 9.84 in

Weight: 50.27 lbs

Cymbal material : silicon & plastic

Drumhead material : nylon & foam

Other material: iron

Power adapter: 12V/DC , 1A

Durable 10ā€ ļ¼†12ā€ Cymbals
Both the 10ā€ Hihat and 12ā€ Crash have precise position tapping sensors. Crash provides dual triggering of the edge and surface of the cymbal and the Choke Zone. The 12" Ride has Edge and Bell strike zones and Choke Zone. All cymbals have a stable support structure, which eliminates shaking and does not emit unnecessary vibrations.
Create Your Music
Through the USB MIDI interface, you can link to the DAW software and use it as a tool for you to create music. You can also record your music creation through the sound card through the audio output.
Exclusive Technology
With simple one-key installation and adjustment, just use the drum key to turn left and right to quickly adjust.
Excellent Percussion Experience
329 sounds/25 kits can meet your jazz, rock, blues, punk and other style needs. Whether it is stage performance practice or practice, it can be perfectly matched with the band. Each of our drums can be individually adjusted for sensitivity, allowing you to get a more realistic playing experience. It is also very suitable for professionals ā€‹and beginners to practice and play.

drum drum drum Drum
Donner DED-100 Donner DED-200 Donner DED-200 Donner DED-300
Kit Configuration Beginner Kit: 4 Drums 3 Cymbals /Drumsticks/Audio Cable Professional Kit: 5 Drums 3 Cymbals/Drum Throne/Drumsticks/Headphones/Audio Cable/Drumsticks Professional Kit: 5 Drums 4 Cymbals /Drumsticks/Audio Cable Professional Kit: 5 Drums 3 Cymbals/Drumsticks/Audio Cable
Sounds 195 Sounds/15 Kits 225 Sounds/15 Kits 225 Sounds/15 Kits 329 Sounds/25 Kits
Snare(all Mesh) 8'Dual-Zone 8'Dual-Zone 8'Dual-Zone 10'Dual-Zone
Toms(all Mesh) 8'Single-Zone 8'Single-Zone 8'Single-Zone 8'Dual-Zone
Hi-Hat Cymbal 10'Single-Zone 10'Single-Zone 10'Single-Zone 10'with Choke
Crash Cymbal 10'Dual-Zone 12'Dual-Zone 12'Dual-Zone 12'Dual-Zone
Ride Cymbal 10'Dual-Zone 12'Dual-Zone 12'Dual-Zone 12'Dual-Zone
Hi-hat Control Pedal Continuous Type Continuous Type Continuous Type Continuous Type
Kick Drum Pedal Independent Drum & Pedal Independent Drum & Pedal Independent Drum & Pedal

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