Donner Cajon Drum Box Full Size Wooden Cajon Drum Kit Birchwood Percussion Internal Metal Strings with Bag,DCD-1

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Product Introduction
The Donner DCD-1 cajon is made in the traditional style. Measuring 9.05in wide by 14.56in tall by 9.45in deep, the cajon is compact for easier transportation and travel. Its wooden frame is constructed out of birch and is hand-crafted to give you those classic cajon sounds. It’s not hard to get great sounds out of this unit, whether you’re just starting or a cajon expert.
Why choose the Donner DCD-1
The Donner DCD-1 uses birch for its boosted highs and punchy lows, along with superb projection and articulation. It’s the perfect wood for a cajon. This allows the player to bring out various frequency ranges and give you a wider range of sounds based on playing technique. This cajon performs well supporting acoustic instruments or behind a band in worship settings and can be used to provide rhythm for choral groups as well.
Birch Playing Surface
Birch is used in drum set manufacturing for its boosted levels of highs and punchy lows, along with superb projection and articulation—perfect for a wood cajon. Experience more attack with and an overall brighter tone with Birch Cajon. This results in a varied amount of "slap" sound that drummers can use to provide a deeper backbeat. And it is constructed and engineered with great care to enhance response and playability. This cajon performs great behind a band in large or small worship settings and can be used to provide rhythm for choral groups as well.
Adjustable Internal Guitar String System
Cajons use strings inside to give you that characteristic snare-like sizzle. The DCD-1 uses an adjustable string system that lets you dial in the sound you’re after. There are four strings that are placed at two points and they can be tuned to give that classic sizzle when the front plate is struck. The top front plate corners on the playing surface may be adjusted with a quick turn of a screwdriver to alter the distance between the front plate and the resonating body.
Equipped with Sturdy Non-Slip Feet
The sturdy rubber anti-skid feet are stable on the grass in spring, the dirt in summer, the fallen leaves in autumn, and the snow and ice in winter. They also keep your instrument steady on indoor floors any time of year. You can play your cajon anytime anywhere without worrying about slipping.


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