Moukey Steel Tongue Drum 10 Inch Hand Pan Drum 11 Notes Tank Drum Percussion Instrument with Padded Travel Bag

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  • Music Therapy


Gently using the musical as a mediator in the caring/cared-for relationship.

The use of a musical instrument in a therapeutic setting will promote self-expression.

It creates a link between the patient and his entourage that stimulating communication and exchange.


  • Tongue Drum


—— an ideal musical instrument for music therapists

If one seeks to act on mood or anxiety, the practice of an instrument such as the tongue drum.

Its soft sonorities will low the rate of a hormone related to stress called "cortisol" and release endorphins to calming and analgesic.

By stimulating the senses of touch, sight and hearing, the tongue drum is somehow "the ideal tool" of the therapist.

Product Details

11 Notes Tongue Drum
Handmade by professional craftsmen.
No need for foundation and talent.
Also suitable for children's music education.
Hand spray painting.
Artistic carving.
Better touch perception
Outstanding quality.
Silicone Feet
Silicone feet is shockproof.
The bottom of drum is sealed.
Louder volume.
Smoother tone.
Accurate tonality.
Durable Storage Bag
Easy to store.
Easy to carry out.
Come with drum sticks.
Come with tone stickers.

Methods of Playing

---Play with hands or mallets.


  • Playing with hands demands high standards of hands’ power and position velocity.
  • Playing with mallets is preferred because the sound is more penetrating, pure and ethereal.




  1. Hold the mallet 1/3 and tap the middle of the tongue head.
  2. It is mostly caused by the incorrect location of percussion if noise comes out.

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