Active Studio Monitors Moukey Bookshelf Speakers 2.0 Stereo 3" Loudspeakers Bluetooth Speakers

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Moukey MA20-2 Active Studio Monitors 2.0 Stereo 3.5" Pair
Moukey MA20-2 Active Studio Monitors is a monitor active speaker developed by the brand based on a professional recording studio. Whether in the production of speakers, cabinet design, and functions, they are all tested and studied in accordance with multiple tests. For the diversity of products, we have added the Bluetooth function, you can listen to music and entertainment outside of work. You can switch what you want in the complex working environment with the multi-input function. MA20-2 Speakers can be used in work, home, computer, audio production and other scenarios.
  • Material:ABS plastic+Wooden
  • Net Weight: 4.5 KG
  • Package dimensions:16.14(L)x 7.67(W) x 11.61 (H) inch/41 x 19.5 x 29.5 CM
Advantages or details
Headphone monitor interface
Professional headphone monitor interface, designed for the person who will be late at night or who doesn't want to disturb others. It can be used with ordinary monitor headphones. (Note:The headset is not included in this transaction.)
High-grade Wood
The high-grade wood creates a thick cabinet, so that the speakers have better performance under the different sound levels.
Professional rear air duct design
The rear air duct design combines aerodynamic principles to better assist the performance of low frequencies.
Using scences

Working at home


Professional recording studio

Note:British standard plug used in UK,European standard plug used in DE,FR,IT,ES. please purchase according to your needs.
M20-3 Passive Bookshelf Speakers Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Active Studio Monitors Passive Speakers Moukey Passive Speakers
Moukey M20-3 Moukey MA20-1 Moukey MA20-2 Moukey M20-1 Moukey M20-2
Type 3-way 5inches Passive Bookshelf Speaker 3-way 4inches Active Bookshelf Speaker 2-way 3 inches Studio Monitors 2-way 5inches Passive Bookshelf Speaker 3-way 4inches Passive Outdoor speaker Speaker
Overall Frequency Response 20-20kHz 20-20kHz 80-22kHz 20-20kHz 100-20kHz
Crossover Frequency 1 kHz 1 kHz 1.2 kHz 1 kHz 1 kHz
LF/ MF/HF driver HF Drive:1'Treble, MF Drive:2' Mid, LF Drive:5' Bass HF Drive:1'Treble, MF Drive:2' Mid, LF Drive:4' Bass HF Driver:1” Silk Dome, LF Driver:3” Woven HF Drive:1'Treble, LF Drive:5' Bass HF Drive:1.5'Treble, MF Drive:1.5' Mid, LF Drive:4' Bass
POWER RMS(W) MAX 55 W * 2 25 W * 2 20 W * 2 MAX 50 W * 2 MAX 50 W * 2
impedance 6 Ω 6 Ω
Dimensions 6.61 x 7.71 x 10.63 inch 6.65 x 6.14 x 9.88 inch 5.35 x 5.90 x 8.07 inch 6.49 x 8.26 x 11 inch 8.91 x 5.69 x 6.87 inch
Weight 5.8KG(Pair) 5.5KG(Pair) 3.9KG(Pair) 5.95KG(Pair) 2.4KG(Pair)


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