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Donner DDP-300 Upright Digital Piano 88-Key Graded Hammer Standard with Bluetooth


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With an emphasis on piano-focussed authenticity, the DDP-300 utilises a more realistic Grade Hammer-Action weighted keyboard compared to the previous generation. As its name suggest, the DDP-300 Donner Grade Hammer-Action has been designed to restore tactile characteristics that more closely resemble the actual playing experience of a grand piano.
Supplementing the beautiful acoustic piano voices, the DDP-300 also features an excellent selection of additional instruments, ranging from electric pianos and church organs, to strings or bass, inviting musicians to add greater variety to their performances.
Furthermore, the spilt playing mode also allows two different sounds, such as grand piano and strings, to be layered together for a richer, more luscious tone, while the Split and Four Hands modes divide the keyboard into two independent sections with separate sounds for each.

Tips Must See

  • The headphone jack is under the keyboard. (6.35mm - 1/4 inch)
  • The triple pedals jack is under the keyboard.
  • The product is unassembled when it arrives, please assemble the product according to the instructions. (If you find any parts are missing, please let us know in time and we will handle it for you.)
  • If you are close to a TV or in a complicated environment, there will be a certain chance that the piano's tone and resonance will be affected. Please keep a suitable open space.
Multiple Input/Output Options
Connect headphones, a sustain pedal, or a computer.
Three Pedal Functions
• Soft makes the sound softer and slightly darker
• Sostenuto allows notes played before the pedal is pressed to sustain and ring out, while notes played after have normal decay.
• Sustain prevents the notes being played from being muted, allowing them to ring out much longer.
Dark Rose Finish
The DDP-300 is available in a dark rose finish, lending a classic look to the piano.
The DDP-300 comes with 5 demo songs, 128-note polyphony, and 10 sound libraries. The sound libraries include: Acoustic Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Rock Organ, Strings, Bass, Church Organ, and others.
Play your favorite music through headphones, an amp, or a PA system, immersed in a beautiful world of music and sound. The 20W stereo speaker system is designed to envelop the listener, audience and room with rich, detailed sound.

Package includes:

  • Digital Piano X 1
  • Power Adapter X 1
  • Pedal Box X 1
  • Stand and Assembly Hardware


  • Power Adapter:12V/DC, 3A
  • Package Size : 56in x 21in x 13.7in (143cm x 53.5cm x 35cm)
  • Package Weight: 96.7lbs (43.8kg)

  3012 3011 3060 3056 3060
  DEP-20 DEP-10 DEP-20 DDP-300 DEP-10
Keyboard Full Weighted Semi Weighted Full Weighted GHS Semi Weighted
Size 56.69*13.78*9.45 in 52.3*11.6*7.2 in 52*11.2*29.9 in 53.5*16.5*32 in 52*11.2*29.9 in
Wight 25.5lb 18.9lb 54.56lb 85.9lb 48.17lb
Timbre/Rhythm 238/200 8/128 238/200 10/ 8/128
Pedals 1 1 3 3 3
Preset songs(demo) 100 30 100 3 30
MIDI Connectivity
Bluetooth / / / /
Furniture stand / /
Piano cover / / / Slide cover /



Ask a Question
  • Are the keys of the piano full-size?

    The piano has 88 full-size GHS keys, and it fells like a real piano.

  • Can you plug in headphones so that the piano is heard only by the player?

    Yes, it can .

  • Does this keyboard allow for transposition?

    Donner DDP-300 allows for transposition.

  • Whats the difference between this and the DDP-100?

    The DDP-300 is larger in size than the DDP-100 and has a better sound. DDP-100 is a single-tone pure grand piano tone electric piano, that is, the body has only one tone and no other functions. It is suitable for piano learners who are used to practicing.
    The 300 has GHS weighted keys.And 300 designed for professional use on stage as well as the home.The tone and feel of the DDP-300 is an upgraded version of the DDP-100, which is very similar to the real piano, and has rich functions. It has 10 built-in tones, and has multiple functions such as dual-tone, dual keyboard, metronome, etc. It is suitable for practice, entertainment, creation, etc.

  • What size headphone adapter do I buy to attach to my normal headphone that plug into everything ?

    The headphone jack of the Donner DDP-300 Digital Piano is 6.35mm. We kindly suggest that you buy headphones with a 6.35mm interface.

  • Can you connect it to an ipad?

    This can connect your iPad via Bluetooth.

  • Are these weighted keys?

    Yes they are. The 88-key GHS weighted keys that make a real touching feel of a real piano.

  • is the music stand sturdy enough for a large 3 ring binder of sheet music?

    It’s sturdy enough to hold an entire set of encyclopedias.

  • Does the piano have a cover for keys?

    This piano has the cover for keys. The wooden cabinet has a sliding key cover, to effectively protect the keyboard.

  • Does it have rhythms?

    No,it doesn't. But there are 10 high-quality preset tones and 10 demo songs.

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