Products Donner 12 Inch Guitar Patch Colored Cable 6-Pack, TS 1/4" Right Angle to TS 1/4" Right Angle


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Donner 6 Inch Guitar Patch Colored Cable

----Make your own music!!!
21 AWG
21 AWG high quality audio cable, 6" long for easy fit. They feature ultra low capacitance which lends to a pure signal transparency. Good connection cable transmits high fidelity signal to the equipment.
Solid and durable
Shielding provides noise rejection for quiet operation, ultra low capacitance which lends to a pure signal transparency. The patch cables utilize ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors for low capacitance and pure tone.
Two big audio plug
In=Out Technology, molded TS 1/4" Plugs are perfect for pedal boards. Right-angle plugs allow close spacing of pedal effects on pedalboards.


Donner guitar pedal color cable! 6 different colors: black, purple, orange, green, blue, and red. Can be matched according to different color effects, such as Blue drive, Morpher, Tutti Love, etc. Let's color your effects and music together! It works better with Donner guitar effects!
Length: 6 Inch(15CM)
Plug Diameter: 1/4 Inch(6.35MM)
Material Quality: Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
Jacket Material: PVC
Outer Diameter: OD4.0*2(mm)
Package included:
  • 6 x Donner Guitar Patch Colored Cable

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