Moukey MUm-2 USB Microphone Computer Recording Mic


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192kHz 24Bit High-Definition Sampling Rate Plug-and-play USB Microphone
Condenser microphone with USB output with cardioid pickup pattern for digital recording. Microphones are great for picking up voices and excluding background noise from the recorded audio.
The recording microphone with volume control allows you to adjust the voice input.
The smooth, extended frequency response PC microphone USB is very suitable for podcasting, home studio recording, live recording and dubbing. The studio microphone is compatible with Windows, PS4, and Mac OS X. Made of metal, it has real durability, and is equipped with a tripod table stand, which can be safely and easily carried on the table.
High Sampling Rate:192kHz/24Bit
The product has a high-definition sampling rate chip up to 192kHz/24Bit independently developed by the Moukey team. It can sense very weak sound waves and capture all the details and notes.
Accurate Pickup
Adopt a 16mm large-diameter pickup core, which can output clear mid- to high-pitched sounds. The pickup is optimized to make the product more accurate when picking up sounds and avoid excessive noise.
Magnetic Ring Device
In addition to the microphone, we also consider the wire material. Adding a magnetic ring device can effectively reduce the interference of the device to the microphone.
Free Angle
The bracket has a free adjustment range of 180 degrees, which is convenient for customers to have the same use effect at different angles.
Plug and Play
Suitable for multiple systems, such as Apple's OS, Microsoft's Windows 7 and above, popular game consoles PS4, etc. No need to install the driver, plug and play.(There are recommended free software in the manual)
Pickup Direction
To achieve better sound pickup effect, please let it facing the microphone.

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