Moukey MMs-1 Adjustable Microphone Stand for Broadcast Studio, Dubbing Studio, Stage, TV Station, and Live at home


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Product Details
The included microphone clip sponge has anti-slip ribs for better microphone retention and is suitable for most wired and wireless microphones (clip is not suitable for BLUE snowmen)
Suitable for most wired or wireless microphones on the market
Different from most foam or mats on the market, our company uses rubber cushions.
MouKey MMs-1 Microphone Suspension Arm
Install the 3/8 "convert 5/8" plastic adapter included with the product to support more products.
Please note :the max. load capacity is 1 KG, please pay attention to your microphone weight if suitable for this mic stand.
If you need to rotate the support arm Please loosen the knob Turn the arm bracket

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