Moukey Microphone Stand for Singing, Height Adjustable (39.9'' to 70'') Floor Mic Stand with Sturdy Stable Metallic Round Base and Mic Holder with Locking Knob, MMs-12, Black


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Reliable Sturdy Base
The heavy base is made of solid iron about 9.65 inches in diameter increasing the stability of the microphone stand. The fixed metal ring makes the connection between the base and the rod more firmly.
Generally Applicable
The mic stand has universal connecting rod with 3/8 and 5/8 inch threads, suitable for most wired / wireless microphones.
Cable Clip of 2 Sizes
The mic stand is equipped with cable clip of 2 Sizes for storing wires in different sizes. The cable clip keeps cords neatly out of the way.

Package Included

  • 1 x Moukey MMs-12 Microphone Stand
  • 1 x Microphone Clip
  • 1 x Sponge Head
  • 2 x Cable Clips
  • 1 x Fixed Metal Ring

Note: Microphone is NOT included.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 9.48 lbs
  • Maximum Height: 70 inches
  • Minimum Height: 39.9 inches
  • Clip Connection Thread: 3/8 and 5/8 inches

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