Moukey Wall Mountable Passive Audio Speakers, 3-Way with Powerful Bass, Stereo Sound, Swivel Brackets, for Indoor/Outdoor, Bookshelf, Studio Monitor, Waterproof, M20-2



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Moukey M20-2 Passive REAL 3 Way Indoor Outdoor Studio Speakers with Swivel Bracket
Compact, Built to Last & Huge on Sound Quality
Your multipurpose indoor outdoor speaker set only weighs 2.64 lbs making them light but extremely powerful.
The 100 Watts of Peak Power will transform any space into auditory nirvana while its 3-Way design provides optimal sound quality.
strong and sturdy
We know that the speakers may be used outdoors, so we use a new ABS material to build them. It can effectively protect the speaker unit inside from external interference and maintain sound integrity.
Versatile Swivel Brackets
Making sure you were able to place your indoor-outdoor speakers in your most desired location, we added easy-to-install swivel brackets that allow up to a 120-degree range. Ensuring easy placement and focused sound quality where you want it.
Equipped with mounting screws, it is convenient for the product to be fixed on the wall.
Equipped with a movable pendant, which is convenient for adjusting the angle of the product.
The horizontal placement of the speaker can also reflect its sound wall effect.
M20-3 Passive Bookshelf Speakers Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Active Studio Monitors Passive Speakers Moukey Passive Speakers
Moukey M20-3 Moukey MA20-1 Moukey MA20-2 Moukey M20-1 Moukey M20-2
Type 3-way 5inches Passive Bookshelf Speaker 3-way 4inches Active Bookshelf Speaker 2-way 3 inches Studio Monitors 2-way 5inches Passive Bookshelf Speaker 3-way 4inches Passive Outdoor speaker Speaker
Overall Frequency Response 20-20kHz 20-20kHz 80-22kHz 20-20kHz 100-20kHz
Crossover Frequency 1 kHz 1 kHz 1.2 kHz 1 kHz 1 kHz
LF/ MF/HF driver HF Drive:1'Treble, MF Drive:2' Mid, LF Drive:5' Bass HF Drive:1'Treble, MF Drive:2' Mid, LF Drive:4' Bass HF Driver:1” Silk Dome, LF Driver:3” Woven HF Drive:1'Treble, LF Drive:5' Bass HF Drive:1.5'Treble, MF Drive:1.5' Mid, LF Drive:4' Bass
POWER RMS(W) MAX 55 W * 2 25 W * 2 20 W * 2 MAX 50 W * 2 MAX 50 W * 2
impedance 6 Ω 6 Ω
Dimensions 6.61 x 7.71 x 10.63 inch 6.65 x 6.14 x 9.88 inch 5.35 x 5.90 x 8.07 inch 6.49 x 8.26 x 11 inch 8.91 x 5.69 x 6.87 inch
Weight 5.8KG(Pair) 5.5KG(Pair) 3.9KG(Pair) 5.95KG(Pair) 2.4KG(Pair)

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