Moukey 61-Key Full-Size Digital Recordable Keyboard for Beginner & Professional, with Music Stand, Superior Sound, Supports Headset Microphone, 300 Rhythm, MEK-200, Black


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Standard 61 Keys Keyboard
The MEK-200 keyboard is compact construction with a standard 61 keys keyboard. Imitate the feel of a standard piano, which makes sounds richer and of higher quality than common keyboard types.
Stereo Sound Speakers
The MEK-200 electric piano with a dual speaker design makes the sound quality more three-dimensional. The sound quality is more rounded and will not adversely affect our ear hearing.
Intelligent Teaching Mode
The keys light up when you touch them if the 'Light' button is turned 'On'. Intelligent lighting functions for learning easier and quicker. Keys illuminate to indicate to you which key should be pressed for forming the correct melodies or songs. It's the best choice for kids or beginners to learn the piano!
High Quality & Great Design
Ideally suited to master finger control, this portable piano keyboard allows for the play of single-finger and finger auto-bass chords, with the capacity to select chord timbre, program/edit rhythm. The body is light and portable, MEK-200 electronic keyboard has a dual power supply mode.

The MEK-200 keyboard piano with 300 Voices and 300 Rhythms. There are 50 reserved demo songs. It also has functions like sustain and vibrato, recording, and rhythm programming which offer a wealthy selection to experiment with music. The Built-in Speaker System keeps high sound fidelity and its loudness can be sensitively controlled by the volume control button.
Various Functions
Besides various functions including: Recording, Rhythm programming functionality; Keyboard Drum / Sustain / Vibrato / Keyboard Split / Transpose / Fine Tuning / Beat / Pitch Bend and other sound effects; Volume and Tempo control. This Keyboard has a large LED screen that sensitively displays the mode chosen, and even correct keys being played in demo songs.
Silent Mode
The MEK-200 electronic keyboard set includes headphones, you can wear the headphones while practicing, just like practicing songs in a private environment, so that children can concentrate more. At the same time, it can also prevent distracting other family members, without worrying about disturbing others.
Support Multiple Devices
Headphone output jack included on the device for connect to the headphone if you don't want to disturb others when practicing the keyboard. There is a microphone jack as well, which offers to play and singing at the same time, fully enjoy the music!

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