Eastar Drum Sticks Holder Drum Clamp Type Quick Change Drumstick Holder EST-007B


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Product description

Eastar Would Never Disappoint You.
Eastar EST-007B is designed for professional drummers to quickly change drum sticks during performances. In the process of professional performance, different unexpected situations will occur. 1: Long-term drumming causes hand muscle to be fatigue, which may cause the drum stick to fly away in the process of drumming. 2: The service life of the drum stick reached the end point, and the drum broke suddenly in the process of beating. 3. Different models of drums and sticks need to be replaced quickly during the performance. All of the above situations require the drummer to make quick adjustments, and EST-007B was born for this purpose.

Clip Material: Environmental protection ABS
Fixed Angle: 45 °or 90 °
Maximum Storage Capacity: 2 pairs standard drumsticks
Function:Quick change

Package included:
1 x EST-007B Quick Change Drum Stick Holder

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