Donner DMK-25 PRO MIDI Keyboard


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DMK-25 Pro New Upgrade
One mastering processor New hardware upgrade: Personalized Touch Bar With Light Scale/Innovative Wheels/High-definition OLED screen display.
Velocity-Sensitive Backlit Pads
These velocity-sensitive backlit pads deliver the perfect touch for precise drumming and sample playback.
High-definition OLED Screen Display
The DMK-25Pro has a straightforward panel design and a high-definition OLED display. View arpeggio, velocity, speed, and other functions in real time to make arranging and creating timbre easier.
Innovative Wheels
4 innovative wheels for greater visual control and comfort when turning, custom mapping to allocate the information you need to control, and 6 transport controllers to improve arrangement efficiency
Personalized Touch Bar With Light Scale
Your composition is easier using Pitch/Mod touch mode.
Gift Genuine CUBASE Software
Buying DMK-25 Pro MIDI keyboard supports genuine Cubase LE、Cubasis、WaveLab LE software, Which provides you with a complete music production experience to help you in your arrangement and creation. Remember to get the course from customer service!
Claim Your FREE DAWs
Buying Donner DMK25-Pro gets you free melodies code, Click here to claim your free melody after placing your order, or contact our customer service team directly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to get the activation code of the CUBASE or get free courses?
A: Please ask Donner Online Customer Team (UK) through the Product Order Page!

Q: Are the velocity of the key sensitive?
A: Yes, the keyboard on our Donner DMK25 Pro midi controller is velocity sensitive!

Q: Is it compatible with the garage band on the iPad?
A: Yes, our midi keyboard can compatible with garage bands on ipad.

Q: Do the keys press smoothly? Are the keys actually "semi-weighted" or "like semi-weighted" synth keys?
A: Not weighted keyboard, but these keys are much better than the cheap non-weighted keyboards. More control here on Donner DMK 25 Pro midi keyboard without a doubt.

  How to connect a sustain pedal?
A: Currently our midi keyboards do not support external sustain pedals, but you can turn on sustain by pressing the key combination bank k+bank s, and turn off sustain by pressing bank k+bank s again.


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