Donner DED-400 Professional Electronic Drum Set Kit with Drum Throne/Drumsticks/Headphones/Audio Cable

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High Sensitivity Sensor & Precise Position Sensing Cymbal
The 10" snare dual trigger, 8" through drum mesh drum head pads and 12" cymbal size make the percussion feel more restored to the real drum, and get the sound you want; from then on, it makes playing more interesting. There are better triggering technology, and the service life is guaranteed., and also better improve the feedback of the strike force.
Suitable for more musical styles
25 preset drum kits sample the acoustics of classic instruments, with 400 built-in sounds and 50 drum kits covering all musical styles. The 6-layer velocity layering is accurate to trigger each tone, closer to the acoustic drum performance. Make your music creation more diverse!
Highly adaptable expansion interface
DED-400 can be extended to hang Crash2 and Tom4, up to 6 drums and 4 cymbals, allowing you to flexibly match more drums. Through the USB MIDI interface, you can link to DAW software, which can be used as a tool for your music creation, or you can record your music creation through the sound card through the audio output.

Donner 400 Professional Electronic Drum upgraded solid structural drum stand

In order to provide stability and safety in the support of the drum stand, Donner developed a more stable steel drum stand that can withstand frequent assembly and disassembly, and is easy to adjust for personal comfort. Portable and foldable for easy carrying and storage space, suitable for home and outdoor performances. The drum rack is enlarged and adapted to each drum pad, which is more professional and has higher anti-interference, allowing you to have a more professional and comfortable drum configuration


Size: 51.18in * 25.59in * 51.18in (Installed size)
Weight: 63.93 lbs
Cymbal material : silicon & plastic
Drumpad material : nylon & foam
Other material: iron
Power adapter: 12V/DC , 1A

Package includes:

5 Drums 3 Cymbals
Drum ThroneX 1
DrumsticksX 1
HeadphonesX 1
Audio CableX 1
Claim Your FREE DAWs
Buying Donner DED-400 gets you free melodies code, Click here to claim your free melody after placing your order, or contact our customer service team directly.


Ask a Question
  • Are there pressure sensors that give different sound depending on how you hit?

    Dear customer, yes, this drum kit is layered with strength.

  • Is there a warranty on this drum from the seller?

    Dear customer, thank you for your inquiry. We would love to tell you that this product has a two-year warranty.

  • I'm an adult just wants to make some noise. Is this thing good for that purpose or this is for kids only??

    Dear customer, the dimensions of this drum set are 25.59 x 20.08 x 8.66 inches, you can refer to it.

  • Does it come with drum sticks?

    Dear customer, yes, this drum set will come with headphones, drum sticks, and a drum throne.

  • Anyway you Can you play sound out loud while playing drums?

    Dear customer, you need to connect headphones or an amplifier when you play this drum set, therefore, you can adjust the volume to the maximum.

  • Is the power bank included ?

    Dear customer, this drum set will come with the module box, drum throne, drum sticks, and headphones.

  • My bass drum keeps rapidly triggering when I press down hard and slow on the pedal, does anyone know why?

    Dear Customer, please check if all the cables are properly connected, if there is any problem when using it, please feel free to contact our after-sales through the order page directly.

  • Is the DAD 400 expandable in any way?

    This drum kit can be expanded with an additional drum and a cymbal.

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