Donner 35-Watt Electronic Drum/Keyboard/MIC 3 in 1 Amplifier with Aux-in and Wireless Audio Connection, DDA-35


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Donner DDA-35 Amplifier
Donner DDA-35 35 watt electronic drum amplifier is an innovative 35 watt amplifier. It has two signal input ports. Support line input and microphone input. It is an ideal amplifier for use with computers, mobile phones or any other audio playback devices! As you can see, in addition to AUX in, DA-35 also supports device Bluetooth wireless input, and the knob on the amplifier panel can also be used to control wireless devices. The 2 inch + 8 inch combined speaker unit can restore more sound details and hear more dynamics. Simply plug the MP3 player/mobile phone/laptop/tablet into the auxiliary input or wireless connect to DA-35, you can enjoy the tracks as you like, and immediately become a member of the band, and use the 1/8-inch headphone output jack for Private practice. The enclosed design provides you with a heavy bass response: the edges are surrounded by hard materials to protect the amplifier from damage, and the rubber pad makes it safe and stable.
Diversified "AUX IN"
DDA-35 has two auxiliary input modes, in addition to the traditional line connection, it can also be connected to the amplifier via wireless. The mod knob on the amplifier can adjust the input volume, play/pause and other functions
Supporting microphone Input
The maximum gain is 48dB, supporting microphone input, and the tone is clean and warm. Frequency response ranges from 50 to 20KHZ. Soft and stable sound, less tone dyeing, strong reduction.Convenient for playing and singing performances.
Practical audio interface
Two 1/4" Instrument Input, 3-Band EQ, 1/8" Auxiliary Input Jack for Jam-Along with Media Player or CD, 1/8" Headphone Output Jack for Silent Practice.DI output port for external active speakers


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