Donner 2.4Ghz Wireless Guitar Transmitter Receiver, Rechargeable, 1/4” & 1/8”



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Stereo 1/4-Inch and 1/8-Inch Audio Plugs
This unit supports both mono and stereo musical instruments. A high quality 1/4-inch (6.35mm) stereo male to 3.5mm stereo female threaded adapter is included. The 1/4-inch (6.35mm) size supports electric guitars, synthesizers, and other instruments with a 1/4-inch output. The 3.5mm size supports many other audio sources. This is an incredibly flexible design, helping you to get your gear connected. The 280° rotatable plug makes connecting various gear easier, as well.
2.4GHz —Free from Interference
The Zero2 digital wireless systems broadcast on the 2.4GHz band, which avoids interference caused by TV stations, public safety broadcasts, cell phone towers, and other high-powered sources. We suggest you keep the system 3 meters away from Wi-Fi routers or other wireless systems nearby.
Built-In Battery
The Donner cordless guitar system has a built-in rechargeable battery supporting 4-5 hours of play time, and charges in 2 hours. The Donner wireless guitar transmitter/receiver set has an LED channel indicator and comes with USB cables.
Sample Quality: 24bit/48KHz Uncompressed Transmission.

Latency: <12ms. Range: ≥100 Feet Outdoors.

THD+ Noise: -98dB.

Dynamic Range: >105dB A Weighted.

Operating Band: 2.4GHz ISM Worldwide.

Frequency response: 20~20KHz, +1dB/-3dB.

Six Frequencies Support Six Devices Simultaneously.

USB Fast Charging Interface.

280° Rotating Head, Designed for Electronic Drums and Keyboards, Fit for Most Instruments.

Support for 3.5mm Plugs and 1/4-Inch (6.35mm) Plugs. Supports Both Mono and Stereo Musical Instruments.
Package Includes:
Guitar Transmitter X 1

1/8-inch female stereo to 1/4-inch male mono adapter X 2

Guitar Receiver X 1

1/8-inch female stereo to 1/4-inch male stereo adapter X 2

Double USB Cable X 1

1 x 3.5mm to 6.35mm Two-core Adapter

User Manual X 1

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