Donner 15cm Guitar Effect Pedal Cable Flat Patch Cable Black 3-Pack



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Product description

Size Name:15CM 3-Pack

The Donner Flat Patch Cable is designed to reduce space on your pedal board while maintaining the flexibility of using cables. The flat patch cable design also reduces the risk of cable jams and keeps your pedal setup neat and clean. 21 AWG high quality audio cable, 6" long for easy fit. Right-angle plugs allow close spacing of pedal effects on pedalboards. Two big core audio plug, In=Out Technology, molded TS 1/4" Plugs are perfect for pedal boards.They feature ultra low capacitance which lends to a pure signal transparency. The patch cables utilize ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors for low capacitance and pure tone. With a single-molded strain relief plug these cables also provide added durability and reliability. A 95% spiral shielding also helps to eliminate virtually all handling noise. Used for audio signal transmission of microphone, amplifier, mixing console and other equipment.

Length: 6 Inch(15CM)
Plug Diameter: 1/4 Inch(6.35MM)
Material Quality: Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
Outer Insulation:PVC
Operating Temperature:-15ºC to +70°C
The main purposes: Audio, musical instruments, engineering and various kinds of information transmission

Package included:
3 x 6 Inch Donner Flat Patch Cable

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