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Juan A. Martinez
I just got this saxophone in the mail today. The sound achieved by the sax was actually way better than I expected. I used to play in middle school and high school and it literally has been 20 years since I haven't touched a sax, this is the perfect fit for someone who is ready to jump back in without having to drain your wallet. The package was a lil beat up from shipping you know those brutes at FedEx throw it harder if it says fragile. However the sax inside that super nicely packed case was unharmed, it came with everything advertised. Yes it's cheap items it's not high end gloves, reeds, mouth piece, or cleaning cloths however for starting with nothing this is all you need in one package. The synthetic reed that comes with don't throw it away like I did lol! It looked weird like a mock up reed it's very plain and black however it gives a full sound I'd say it's a better reed than the cane one's that come with the sax. I will suggest dropping a lil more cash and investing in your own 4C Yamaha mouth piece and some decent cane reeds depending on your level choose the right size I like 2.0 and 2.5 but beginners like young adults should probably start at 1.0, or 1.5. Always try cane reeds first before buying a synthetic one like Légiére reeds because those are 30 dollars per reed so you wanna make sure you have the right size before you blow your cash on it. From what I know Legiere will replace 1 reed per year if yours breaks or is the wrong size. Anyway back to the sax. The pads are very good for the price and the finish is beautiful with very nice craftsmanship. The mouth piece and the neck fit perfectly. Non of the keys stick. It also comes with a free sax stand usually those run for 30 bucks a pop. Not the greatest quality on the stand but padding is good and sturdiness is great it's made of a strong aluminum not bendable easily, and it's incredibly light weight. Frankly I'm amazed and I from now on may become an Eastar fan. The quality plus price cannot be beat. The sound is good enough for beginners and intermediates if you are an expert obviously I do not recommend this sax as the sound is not as warm as other saxophones out there. Would I recommend this product to beginners and intermediates? Absolutely.